Spello gives you the chance to step back in time. This compact hill town became a Roman outpost in the 1st Century B.C. Enclosed within medieval town walls; there are three Roman Late Antique gates, named Porta Consolare, Porta di Venere and the Arch of Augustus, with traces of three more gates apparent. As you walk through the streets, you realize you are following in the footsteps of Constantine the Great. /p>

The amazing and wonderful “Festival of Infiorate” takes place in Spello on the ninth Sunday after Easter. It involves teams of thousands of locals working to create elaborate flower displays on the streets and sidewalks of this lovely village. Each is a beautiful and elaborate carpet exploding with color and the scents of the flowers. This tradition in Spello came from the timeless tradition of throwing flowers or flower petals in the path of the Priests as they process through town. In 1831 it was first documented that a new tradition of creating these murals on the ground from flowers happened. The Infiorate includes a whole night of work to create over sixty elaborate and breathtaking flower carpets on the Corpus Domini feast. It is a time of joy, celebration, and artistry.

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