This largely undiscovered village has begun to challenge the winemakers of Tuscany. Montefalco’s famous Sagrantino wine is a red, earthy, and bold made from a specific indigenous grape dating back to the mid-16th century cultivated by monks for use in their sacramental celebrations. For, as many wine lovers know, it takes many years of passing on the core of the best vines to guide the evolution to the finest grape possible. It can take generations and is not an easy task, which is why specific wines are so valued. This wine began to fade after four centuries, and was never considered a tourist attraction; until now! For the past 40 to 50 years, artisans have cultivated a resurgence of this unique delight which stands up to strong flavored foods such as meats and sharp cheeses

Montefalco rests high above the valleys and gentle rolling hills of the region of Umbria and one can see olive groves, the orderly rows of vineyards, and lush green all around. The town offers an old and mysterious medieval feel that feels somewhat untouched by the glossy world outside. Wineries dot the area, and as travelers begin to find this gem, both quaint little hotels and modern amenity filled hot spots for the younger crowd are popping up. Restaurants abound to highlight this fine wine, and attractions featuring local art, artisanal crafts, as well as treasured Medieval and Renaissance art offer plenty to see and do. The heart of Montefalco, the Piazza del Commune is a wonderful place to start as you explore the cobblestone streets, Gothic churches, and ancient stone walls. This sleepy town is a treasure just waiting to be appreciated

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