Pitigliano is a walled town in the Maremma region of the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. Not very “touristy” it sits 1,026 feet above sea level. This tiny medieval village in Tuscany called Pitigliano (known as La Piccola Gerusalemme or Little Jerusalem) and has an old world ambiance of ceramic roof tiles, parapets, and multi-tiered buildings. It was once a Jewish settlement, which is why it might have that Jerusalem feel to it. So much of Italy’s history involves the Roman’s and Papal dynasty that it is refreshing to find this gem that still offers the history of its long ago Jewish root.

As you walk through the medieval gate into the old city, you see a wonderful 14th Century fortress called Orsini Palace which is now a museum. Pitigliano has a population is only about 4,000 residents, almost none of them of the Jewish tradition. Passed down over centuries by controlling families, it takes its name from the last great family to possess it as a private estate. The food, the people, and summer temperatures are warm and inviting. It sits at the southern end of Tuscany and is a gem unlike most others in the region.

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