Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti is a village famous the world over for its wine. Since early medieval times, Greve evolved as the principal market town at the center of an (The Chianti region supports a variety of agricultural activities, especially the grapes that comprise the world-famous Chianti and “Super Tuscan” wines.

Each September there is a festival called the Chianti Classico Wine Festival, a four-day affair in which local merchants display their products, and wine tasting is free. Olive oil served on fresh sliced Italian bread is also available for tasting along with the delectable local cheeses.

About a mile from the center of Greve is the castle of Verrazzano that sits atop a prominent hill. The surrounding land is bountiful and provides an array of products that make this town special.

Extra virgin Tuscan olive oil is highly prized for its delicate flavor. Black and white truffle harvesting is a distinguishing feature of local food production.

The region is also noted for its meat, including the Cinta Senese pig unique to this region, which produces pork of superlative quality. Wild game is a common feature on local menus, including rabbit, pigeon, venison, and especially, cinghiale (wild boar).

Greve is home to one of Italy’s oldest and most renowned butcher shops, the Macelleria Falorni.

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greve in chianti



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